So, here is a quick run down of the car, followed by a link to pictures of it:

1988 325iS
5 Speed Manual
169,000 on the chassis

- Fresh M20 Motor with 20k miles on it
- Fresh clutch with install of motor
- 1990' Plastic Bumper Swap
- New iS Front Lip
- Z3 Short Shift Kit + ///M Leather Shift Nob
- HR Race Springs + Bilstein Sport Shocks(absolutely amazing ride, and great stance!)
- Factory L.S.D
- Slotted Rotors + PBR Brake Pads
- E30 M3 Rear Sway Bar + E30 325 Cab' Front Sway Bar
- Rear Subframe Re-inforcements
- Rear Sway Bar Re-inforcements
- Ronal LS Mesh 15x7.5 Wheels with Brand New Kumho AST 225/50-15(absolutely marvelous traction)
- Totally Re-Upholstered Leather Interior(you cannot find an interior this clean on a 325!)
- New Front Upper Strut Bearings and TMS Rear Shock Mounts
- Premium Kenwood Head Unit + iPod Integration
- 500 Watt Alpine Amp w/ 600 Watt Alpine 12'' Subwoofer and Capaciter(this will shut down the stereo if the amps go to high, or start to drain the battery; this stereo sounds absolutely amazing to all music, and is not overly bassy,unless you want it to be :)
- TMS ECU Chip
- Cone Filter Intake + Lukas Heatshield
- Magnaflow 14815 Muffler (still stock piping)
- Fresh Transmission and Diff Fluid as of 3 months ago

Sound clip of the exhaust:

This car stock is 168HP, after the Chip + Intake it is supposed to gain +18HP + 15lb/tq.

It may seem like a lot of mods, which it is, but I can assure you it has all been tastefully done. I like my cars OEM+, with great performance while still maintaining classic BMW taste. This car handles amazing, and is not too low for any type of daily driving as long as you aren't jumping it. I can imagine this car would really do well on the track, or Auto-X race. It pulls very strong through every gear and on the freeway gets 24-28MPG at 75MPH with a steady foot. On the street, I get 16.5-19MPG pending on your foot.

This car gets all kinds of looks from everyone, and I really enjoy driving it, but I have an opportunity that I cannot pass-up with my father's old car.

The issues with it are this:
- Cruise Control was sticking, so I disconnected the cable, it's supposed to be 70$ for a new unit(I believe).
-The left-turn signals work, but are giving me errors. When you click the bar to turn on the right signal, it works fine, but when you push down to turn on the left indicator it goes EERRRRRR..I am attending that issue as we speak.
- There is a small pressure point on the hood. Like my hand pushed a little too hard when I was waxing it(which I do every 2 weeks, I'm a bit obsessed).
- A passenger-side front fender dent, that is about the size of a silver-dollar, that came with the car. It is at the very bottom of the fender towards the back. There is some clear coat/paint chipping in just a few spots.

-The Passenger seat has a hinge issue where the left side sags a little.

Other then that, everything on the car works absolutely great. There are tons of E30's out there, but I do not think you could find one this nice AT ALL in the states, especially rust free and as cleanly modded and maintained as this one. I feel the price is extremely fair, and somewhat negotiable. I do not want to let it go for free. Like I said before, if you want to low-ball me and complain about the price, get an E30 in a worse condition at a lower price that has issues. This is an exceptional E30 that is very worth the price, which IS negotiable as there are a few quirks that need to be worked out.

When I purchased this car 3 months ago in October, it passed smog with flying colors, so I assume it will do the same.

Price as it sits is 9,500$. I am willing negotiate, but like I said before..yeah it may seem expensive, but if you compare it to a lot of other E30's out there, this one will surpass most Non-M E30's. I am apart of many BMW Forums, and everytime I post pictures, people drool and say that is exactly what they want and call it the perfect example of a clean E30!

It leaks no fluids AT ALL, and burns no oil whatsoever. It does not squeak or knock inside while driving, it's a very tight shell and chassis. The brakes are still amazing, as the throttle response and shift linkage feels brand new.

Feel free to contact me via email, AIM and I will give you my phone #: Email AIM: DrBobOh

-Dan B.

The pictures listed below are from the most recent, to the oldest. You will see the difference with and without the HR Race Springs.

There are TONS of high-quality pictures for your disposal and viewing pleasure at the link below:

I hope there enough pictures for you here, these were all taken within 12/30/07 to 10/19/07: